Tom Kelly


Navy veteran turned insurance professional with over 40 years of experience and a broad range of specializations.


  • VP at Salsbury & Associates Insurance Services
  • President at Wm. W. Kelly & Co. Insurance

After being commissioned by the United States Navy, I was attached to the USS Okinawa and had three tours in Vietnam. I was also charged with the U.S. Navy recovery operation of Apollo 15 and then joined my father’s insurance agency in Santa Cruz. I soon became President and grew the agency from 3 to over 28 people while being licensed in 23 States.

In 1980 we built a employee benefit department, the first agency in the area to have one. In 1985 I took the agency into the digital age with our first computers. In 1992 I purchased laptops and portable printers for all of my sales people. I fought for progress in the insurance industry and was an expert witness in fair claims handling and standard of care. I was instrumental in mandating continued education for insurance agents and brokers for the state of California. I have served on numerous insurance company advisory boards and participated in designing and scripting programs for specific industries. After many years of management I sold the agency.

I then joined an agency in Fremont and was there for 12 years. Many of my clients in Santa Cruz and other parts of the state followed me. Some I have had for over 30 years.

I was then approached by Newfront and became a Principal. Something I had dreamed about for years was streamlining the insurance system and making it easier for the client to understand and access their portfolio. Newfront has done just that! By marrying technology with years of insurance knowledge, Newfront has eliminated endless duplication and made the process simpler for clients.


Radio Broadcasters Insurance, Entertainment and Recording Industry Insurance, Construction Insurance, Cement and Plastering Contractors Insurance Programs including EIFS, Bonding, Quarries, Crane Operators, Wineries, Bars and Taverns, Family and Fine Dining Restaurants, Golf Courses, Manufacturing, Banking and Financial Institutions, Ocean Marine, Building Material Dealers, all forms of Property Insurance, Directors and Officers, Employment Practice, Nonprofits, Medical Malpractice, Professional Liability, Homeowners, Personal Auto, Farming, Inland Marine, Wholesale Distributors, Beer Distributors, International Risk, Aircraft, Watercraft, Shipping, Municipalities, Shopping Centers, Strip Malls and Cyber.

Streamlined risk management

Newfront curates the best service and technology available to make brokers more efficient and help them better serve companies. Our team has over 200 years of insurance experience and deep technical expertise.